About us

XI MEN DING was established first in 2011 at Surabaya (East Java - Indonesia). Since then, the company has grown rapidly by opening at almost all malls at Surabaya. (Please refer to our attachments). Over these past 3 years, XI MEN DING has provided the satisfying happiness of truly delicious and authentic Taiwanese tastes especially through a wide-ranging variety of Taiwanese Street Snacks. Further, in order to satisfy our customer, we will give our best effort to provide not only the most delicious and authentic tasting flavors, but also dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our products are made with the best quality. Last but not least, we also utilize our know how from our long experience in customizing tastes and flavors to adopt out products to meet the needs of customers especially for Indonesian markets.


The idea of XI MEN DING was built to spoilt our customers with high value and the originally taste of several kinds of Taiwanese specialty foods, especially for its street snacks.

Sucess Story

Since opening our doors in 2011, XI MEN DING has made its mark as one of the best gourmet Taiwanese food stalls in town featuring its innovative-presented Taiwanese street snacks using only the freshest ingredients.

Our Service

XI MEN DING offers catering services for birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, and any other celebrations or gathering. Let us make your event fun and memorable. Reservation is recommended, so book now for your next occasions and celebrations. For menu planning and pricing, please contact us.


"For me, XI MEN DING is the best and most authentic Taiwanese street snacks in Surabaya. Its chicken crispiness and freshness can't be beaten."

Dedy Gunawan

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